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Be Prepared with an Umbrella (Insurance)!

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Disclaimer: Informational statements regarding insurance coverage are for general description purposes only. These statements do not amend, modify or supplement any insurance policy. This website does not make any representations that coverage does or does not exist for any particular claim or loss, or type of claim or loss, under any policy. Whether coverage exists or does not exist for any particular claim or loss under any policy depends on the facts and circumstances involved in the claim or loss and all applicable policy wording.

Did you know that March is National Umbrella Month?

Ok, so National Umbrella Month might not be as significant of a holiday to you as…say…Christmas. But that’s not to say it’s not important at all (and if you do love it more than Christmas, we’re dying to know that story!).

During National Umbrella Month, we celebrate umbrellas by being prepared. One of the best ways to stay prepared? By having the right type of insurance. Umbrella insurance is the best (and most affordable) way to get a significant amount of extra liability coverage.

That way, you’ll always be prepared, rain or shine.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance adds another layer of liability insurance above the base limits on your home, auto, or business policy - something that can be vital when it comes to covering larger claims.

You can even buy umbrella insurance that covers you for claims with a boat!

Here are some examples that may trigger umbrella insurance:

  • Your dog attacks a neighbor who is walking by your house - the neighbor sues you for the medical bills, pain, and suffering.

  • You are responsible for a 12-car accident and your auto insurance coverage isn’t high enough to replace all of those vehicles.

  • A customer sues one of your employees for sexual harassment.

With awarded settlements growing higher and higher, your base liability limits might not be enough - another good reason for umbrella insurance.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

Anyone can benefit from an umbrella policy, especially people who fall into the following categories:

  • The value of your assets is greater than the limits of your homeowner’s liability

  • You are at risk of being sued (for example, if you are a business owner)

  • You engage in an activity that puts you at greater risk of liability (like owning property you rent out, employing household staff, or hosting large parties)

  • You have a trampoline or hot tub (two high-liability areas)

  • You are a well-known public figure

What is Not Covered by Umbrella Insurance?

There are a few things that umbrella insurance does not cover. Although they are quite broad, no insurance policy covers everything.

Usually, umbrella policies don’t cover:

  • Damage to your own property (remember - it’s liability only)

  • Damage that you or a family member caused on purpose

  • Liability incurred in business activities (if your policy is not a business liability policy)

  • The liability you agreed to assume under a contract

  • Any liability related to war or armed conflicts

How Can You Buy Umbrella Insurance?

Mary Poppins always carried one. Rihanna has been known to famously sing about them (good luck getting that song out of your head). You probably have one sitting in your coat closet.

You can buy an umbrella just about anywhere, but finding umbrella insurance can be a bit trickier. There are all kinds of policies you can buy and even separate endorsements that increase the liability limits of your auto or homeowners insurance instead.

To get all of your policies under one roof - and to clear up exactly what umbrella insurance can do for you - get in touch with Northern Insuring. We offer a variety of personal and business insurance solutions to keep you covered - rain or shine.

We simplify the complicated…for insurance. Contact Northern Insuring today for a quote!



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