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Northern Insuring Agency's Continued Commitment to Community

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

At Northern Insuring Agency, we are committed to the triple bottom line – People, Planet, Profit – and our active, engaged and authentic involvement contributes immensely to a thriving community.

We want to grow workforce camaraderie, increase employee pride and promote a positive corporate image. The return on investment is not the only reason why we contribute. We know we are better people for being involved and sharing our passions. Employees are doing their part to improve our community, society and the world.


Giving of our time is one of the greatest gifts we can offer. We encourage both team and individual efforts and recognize the impact each employee has when they get involved.

Environmental Efforts

Northern Insuring Agency believes we should take care of the resources we have and recognizes that we each make an impact on the environment. We should all do our part and be mindful of future generations.


Generously donating money and goods to worthwhile causes is part of our civic responsibility. Improving the lives of others and providing stability to our local not for profits, including donating blood, food, coats and other consumables, makes a positive impact.

“We give back because we care and we want our organization to be a true contributor to the health of our community. Our active, engaged and authentic involvement makes a positive impact and we encourage our employees and clients to give back, because as our community succeeds, so do we.“ - Roderic G. Giltz, Chairman

Our Commitment to Community

At Northern Insuring Agency, we are dedicated to the communities we serve, just as much as we are to you, the customer. Here are a number of organizations we support:



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