United Way: The North Country Comes First

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Deena Giltz-McCullough, United Way supports the North Country

United Way President and NIA Vice President Ed Davis delivers remarks at the United Way Kickoff Breakfast.

The story is all too familiar in the North Country, a family undergoes a tragedy or disaster, funds become tight, and life becomes hard. It’s a scary thought, but most of us are only a couple bad decisions or bouts of bad luck away from falling on economic hardship. When this happens, the United Way is there to pitch relief and help families in the Adirondack region get back on their feet.

Northern Insuring is a proud supporter of the United Way of the Adirondack Region with 100% of employees and ownership making donations. A group from our agency recently attended their fundraiser kickoff breakfast to proudly announce that we are contributing $14,500 to their goal, money that will go directly to North Country families in need of a hand up during a difficult time.

We were also honored to be afforded a platform for company President and mother-of-the-year candidate, Deena McCullough, to make some remarks, where she so eloquently articulated the United Way’s influence in our family’s lives in the face of tragedy. In addition to Deena, Ed Davis, the current United Way President and NIA Vice President, also spoke, passing the torch to the campaign chair, Hannah Provost.

Our commitment to the United Way is important to our company’s culture, one that recognizes that a community becomes stronger when we help each other in the time when our needs are at their greatest.

For further information on our local chapter of the United Way please visit this link and consider making a donation of your own.

– Collin McCullough

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