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This month we are launching our new website – a more dynamic version brimming with informational and accessible content, including a more approachable interface with updated photos to back it up. Our old site was flat, lacking movement and had become out of date. It no longer reflected our vibe and progressive culture. We knew we had to jazz it up, but continued to limp along these past two years with our old site. Being stonewalled with simple requests like font type and available colors. Really? That’s the silliest thing I’ve heard in the web design market today. We had become frustrated with the lack of options and were seeking a designer that could capture our style of doing business. Being proactive is real at Northern. We like to play more offense than defense on a regular basis and seek out vendors that match our style.

It took us a while to meet the right individual to help us.

Late last fall, while at a local establishment enjoying Thursday night music, I met Charley – a web designer that’s moved to the area to reconnect with his high school sweetheart (to whom he is now engaged to be married). It’s a sweet story and I must admit I am partial to the girlfriend whom I’ve known for many years. I connected him to our internal web guru, we had a meeting of the minds and voila, just like that, we had discovered the professional web designer for the job.

Charley gets that we want something fresh and different than everyone else, not just a template of other business sites. He gets that we want to take advantage of SEO and its ability to drive business to our website. He gets that we want to feel proud about our on-line presence and brand. In doing so he’s linked us up with other social media sites like Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook so that we are now tapping in to these new outlets. My husband asks what we will Tweet exactly in the limited characters? I am thinking something fun like the Plattsburgh 1/2 Marathon where we will be supporting runners this weekend. What’s not to love about that? And besides, there are plenty of millennials on our team that will gladly take up the tweeting helm as this is second nature to them. I don’t personally tweet or Facebook anything – that’s not the point – what matters is having vivid personalities on our team who can provide this now necessary service. And we are blessed with awesome people.

Despite a technical glitch, we’re celebrating with a launch party a la Steve Jobs style. We are excited to be unveiling a stronger, dynamic website and watching years of frustration evaporate into the atmosphere. We welcome your feedback as we know there will be links and pages that need tweaking. We have the tools to do that now in-house. No more begging for help and getting mad over little annoyances. We have moved on, and while we have always been solid, we now have a web presence that captures that strength.

Enjoy the new website!
Deena Giltz McCullough, CIC, CRM
President & CEO

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