North Country Summer: Affordable Ideas for What to Do & Where to Go

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North Country Summer

Everyone loves summertime in the North Country. Our community is so lucky to have an abundance of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors during this time of year. For that, I have put together a list (in no particular order) of affordable “to-do’s” for the summer.

  1. Fruit PickingEven with the short growing season, the North Country is full of orchards and patches. Going to “U-Pick” is a fun way for all ages to get outside and load up on the delicious fruits our local farmers provide.Insight: Currently, Rulfs Orchard in Peru, NY is offering both strawberry and blueberry picking.
  2. FishingFishing is a major tourist attraction and economic presence in our community. Lake Champlain along with its many rivers and outlets host some of the best fishing in the country. Professional anglers come from all over to enjoy our waters, so you should as well.Insight: Lake Champlain is known as one of the best Bass lakes in the world. This year, the Bassmaster Elite Series will be coming to town. The weigh in will be on July 27 and 28 at the Plattsburgh City Marina and July 29 and 30 at Plattsburgh City Beach as a part of Summerfest 2017. This is a great way to support your local economy, see a showcase of the best fisherman in the world, and have a chance to be on ESPN.
  1. A walk-through history…You always hear about the great history our area offers. Getting out on a walk is great for exercise of both the mind and body. In simply going for a walk around Plattsburgh, you can learn about the great history and culture of our community.Insight: Walking through Downtown Plattsburgh is a great start. To dig even deeper there are many museums that provide an in depth look at what our area once was. Fort Ticonderoga is also a great day trip if you are looking to get out of Plattsburgh. Greater Adirondack Ghost and Tour Company also gives guided walks throughout the summer.
  1. Parks/Beaches/HikingLiving in the North Country, we are spoiled by so many great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Our parks, beaches, and mountains bring tourism to our area all year long. No matter what level outdoorsman you are, our community has a place for you. Go out and enjoy the beauty of our region.Insight: The options are endless. Some to suggest are Plattsburgh City Beach, Point Au Roche State Park, Cumberland Bay State Park, Ausable Chasm, Silver Lake Mountain, and Lyon Mountain. I would like to point out that Lyon Mountain is over 5 miles roundtrip, but offers fantastic views of the Montreal skyline, Adirondack peaks, Lake Champlain, and the Green Mountains. It’s a great sight to see. Also, remember to always be prepared when hiking, especially long trips. Safety is key and being prepared will make your time outdoors more enjoyable.
  1. Community EventsThe City of Plattsburgh does a great job putting on numerous community events, especially during summertime. Attending these events is a great way to have fun at an affordable price and support your local community.Insight: With the Mayor’s Cup and 4th of July festivities having passed, two of the largest events of the year are down. Still to happen is Summerfest 2017 at Plattsburgh City Beach, First Weekends, Concerts on the Bluff, and the weekly Plattsburgh Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market. These events will be lots of fun for all ages. This isn’t everything on this summer’s calendar, check the North Country Chamber of Commerce and City of Plattsburgh websites to find more.

Whatever you decide, make sure you get outside! You will be wishing for this weather come late January and February. Also, two things to remember…bug spray and sunscreen. You will thank me later. Always have fun and stay safe!

Noah Bowes
Advertising & PR Intern


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